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Mzansi land of hope and joy ... the incredible cultural tale of how Madiba (gift from God) re-united the 12 tribes of Southern Africa : The Nguni languages, Zulu Xhosa, Swati, Ndebele; the Sesotho languages, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi; Venda, Tsonga, Khoi-San; English and Afrikaans. The traditional instruments of Southern Africa

This beautiful image was awarded to afribeat as a logo. It was first published in Drum magazine MAY1960 - Dig This Musical - I'ts called Mkhumbane and it has just burst like thunder on Durban. It's a show with joy, with sadness, two hours of tuneful, deep-down pleasure. "See how dark it is, how quiet. Hardly anything is moving. Only some early person. Only some early buses in the street. Taking early persons to the town. From Mkhumbane." This is part of the haunting prologue to the Alan Paton, Todd Matshikiza musical, Mkhumbane/Cato Manor, which showed to full houses in Durban in the midst of the disturbances and the emergency. (Photograph by G.R. Naidoo © Baileys Archive)

SPECIAL DEDICATION : Jim Bailey was an African adventurer. Right at the end of his life he befriended me and made a massive impact. He was the first to introduce me to great friendships with African people. He showed me some of the incredible mysteries of our ancient history, the great jewels of learning that lie in African travel, the power of music to transform one, the unity that exists in diversity and the way to present it to the media so as to bring about an increase in consciousness and awareness.

Following on from the great thinkers. Music is the mother of all arts. Music is a creative force. Steiner says the astral world is continually present and always surrounds human beings. "The initiate becomes familiar with his own astral body and learns to live in it consciously." "Man arrives at the perception of the astral world if he goes through the discipline of 'great stilness'." "In the Devachanic world the soul absorbs into itself the world of tones." For Schopenhauer music represents the process of cosmic manifestation. He describes 'musica instrumentalist,' such as Beethoven as , 'a true and perfect picture of the nature of the world which rolls on in the boundless maize of innumerable forms and through constant destruction supports itself." Richard Wagner proposes that the experience of tone differs from the experience of sight, as Dream world from Waking world. Tone is an entirely inner experience. "Imagination creates the reality. This is a great cosmic law." Agrippa is a perpetual wanderer. He says, "Sound is a breath, voice is a sound and animate breath, speach is a breath pronounced with sound, and a voice signifying something: the spirit of which proceedith out of the mouth with sound and voice. "A voice is sent forth out of the inward cavity of the breast and heart by the assistance of the spirit." Hazrat Iniyat Khan says, "music is the bridge and the gift between form and formless. Stockhausen says, "Music should above all be a means to keep awake the connection of the soul with the other side." He says, "Stockhausen's music is not Stockhausen but the spirit which uses me." "All art aspires toward music." Schopenhauer

"With the appearance of the light, the universe is expanded. With the concealment of the light the things tha exist were created in all their variety." Kabbalah "A band of prophets has instruments for through the sweetness of melody, aloneness descends upon them and they strip their souls. Then the musicians stop the melody, and the prophets remain in that supernatural state of union and they prophesy." Kabbalah

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Struan Douglas freelance "music" journalist selection of published articles and about me is born of the spirit of South African Jazz music and all music thereafter. South African Jazz music can be celebrated as a musical genre and a point of dialogue that has achieved all that can be achieved, that has truly conquered ambition and crossed over into unity and love. is a free resource and portal dedicated to LOVE, truth, uBuntu, peace on earth and many friends. Copy right or copy left, copy with the knowledge that to copy is to learn and to learn is to respect and to respect is to love.


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