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All around there was music … The wind spoke through the trees and chimes in a harmonica that allows the mind to rush in anticipation of the sound of this music riding on the gusto of the gust of wind. Music and spirituality is something to learn and to live and from which to earn and to give. Music sits at the centre of a great philosophy of our education. It is a high and lucid expression of sacred geometry. self empowerment self actualisation self publishing house ...
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One of the most touching stories of Southern African music expression is Robert Trunz and the MELT2000 Chronicles, story now in progress
Our African Music Archive Project is based at the International library of African Music
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Accompanying Earth into the Golden Age

Shop at market
Have something to share
Live with Joy and Discover your inner purpose
Cut out packaging
Grow vegetables, herbs
Keep earthworms for composting
Catch rainwater
buy only local products
Give give give and all is solved.
Consume as little media as possible
Use the Internet
Create living networks
Uplift the situation through Love
Share resources and abilities


Important African Jazz links

In 2014 The Rainmakers recorded their second album ‘live at Willisau.' Klemens Schiess is currently filming an on the road feature documentary. They will be touring Switzerland and South Africa in 2015. http:// rainmakers .info/

Events at the Orbit 38 De Korte Street, include the Rainmakers April 10 th & Roland Dahinden and Hildergaard Kleeb February

Events at the bird's eye include Feya Faku with Dominic Egli's Plurism, Kyle Shepherd, Shane Cooper, Kesivan Naidoo in a Black Box project, Carlo Mombelli, Bokani Dyer, Marcus Wyatt and a McCoy Mrubata residency.


Important African World Music links

The Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) present an annual Eastern Cape Indigenous Music and Dance Ensemble at the National Arts festival.

The International Library of African Music (ILAM) at Rhodes University Hugh Tracey's field recordings. CDs', African music education textbooks, DVD's and other publications are available for purchase

Wired for Sound is a mobile solar powered recording studio on a mission to collect sounds from Southern Africa. It For all music, photo essays and the radio documentary visit