Jim Bailey CBE was a moving spirit and a pioneering energy across the areas of Africa that were once English colonies. His efforts were first recorded in Drum Magazine which published the high life and lime light of African urban culture with a sense of pride and identity that birthed a spirit of honour and defience. Bailey was the lynchpin of the great blossoming of African Journalism or Jazz Journalism or Drum Journalism as the vibrant heyday of South Africa 's golden 50's has been known. He gave his heart to Africa as he had nearly lost it as a fighter pilot in World War II. And sponsored a host of Africa's most celebrated independence leaders. His memoires are recorded in the
restraint and humour of these two new poetry books - most poignantly illustrated by photography of the unkowon giants of Drum magazine and Pan African culural images.

Jim Bailey's poetic manuscripts together with photographs from Struan Douglas's journeys through Africa are now published in the gorgeous book Airborne to Africa. The New South Africa  ans the friends around her written first under the pseudonym HM Stanley Jr. and is now published as such.
Jim Bailey : Airborne to Africa
A life lived in Africa to the pace of African Independence, the posthumous collection of the poems that described Jim Bailey's love for Africa - the history, mystery and beauty, accompanied by photographs from Struan Douglas in Africa.
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The New South Africa and the friends around her:
A collection of poetry that offers a unique perspective from a unique man who lived a life like no other. Jim was the son of Sir Abe Bailey, an English gold and land baron in South Africa. This collection of Jim Bailey’s poetry is a crucial perspective that awakens the reader to the thrilling abundance of Southern Africa and all the friends around her. Compassion and love exists, is lived and experienced.
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