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Story of SA Jazz Volume 2 currently proposing for launch October 2019


PUBLISHED ARTICLES ON JAZZ : From 2017 – 2019 about two dozen articles appeared in Business Day Newspaper, African Independent, Mail and Guardian, Sawubona, Downbeat and Pacific on the topic of South African Jazz …

ARCHIVE OF SA JAZZ : The raw interview material together with at least a further two dozen interviews is currently being compiled into Volume Two with a release date set for September 2019 ::: … All research is deposited at ILAM International Library of African Music for educational, development, promotional, inclusive and expansive reasons:

OUTREACH: The Story of South African jazz is built on the website and content portal afribeat.com which was launched on April 1st 2000. It is a free platform for African Jazz, uBuntu and Music education that has birthed many creative projects that have empowered many people, such as archive Africa, dancing with the diaspora and wondergigs.

BACKPAGE TEXT: The Story of South African Jazz Volume Two is set in 2018 at the bridge of the 5th Ray of South African Jazz and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Between Cape Town, Durban, on the scene in Johannesburg and touching down everywhere – from London and France to Italy Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and the lot.

“It is about the marabi, the mabokwe, also the itswari, and famu, but whatever it is called it is vital, like the dames that like it.” Todd Matshikiza

From a network of spoken words, interviews, articles, commentaries and learning to play, exposure of previously unpublished writings and discoveries from the archives Volume Two of the three part Story of SA Jazz series opens up to the source of this music so as to inspire the power of the past into the present moment and flavours a spiritual discovery of tolerance, self reliance, unity in diversity.

“In jazz the number one ingredient is to be your own unique self.” Sathima Bea Benjamin

“Beautiful beautiful Story of South African jazz: I am glad as many people as possible are starting to document this music because that is exactly what we need. ” Shado Twala

FUNDING : Thank you to ANFASA Norwegian embassy and SAMRO foundation for this 25k award to trigger more stories from the genre of SA jazz :

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About: The Story of SA Jazz is written by Struan Douglas. Struan is the founding director of music portal, http://www.afribeat.com online since 01/04/2000. Struan has contributed on South African Jazz for a variety of publications since being a columnist for Big Issue magazine 1999 – 2000, Downbeat magazine 1999 and Sawubona 2003. He wrote regularly for Independent newspapers and Times Media nation wide. He is the author of several books and a trumpet player.


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