Sonic Nuances by Siya Makuzeni

Singer and trombonist, Siya Makuzeni isa band leader, collaborator and as a cross-over performer with electronic and groove styles. She is a composer, arranger and at the forefront of the surge of freshness on the South African music scene.

Power of a song by Masauko

Singer and songwriter, Masauko was born in exile in the United States to Malawian parents. His father was a prominent politician.Returning from exile to South Africa he had success with the group BlkSonshine and is currently based in Costa Rico.

6/8 Rhythm by Eugene Skeef

Through his travels over many decades, Eugene has worked in diverse communities.He has worked in prisons, with people serving life sentences, schools, communities, and with orchestras. He used to drive Steve Biko and the Black Consciousness movement. He writes poetry every day. Eugene employs rhythm as the principal motivational, focusing, galvanizing and energizing force.

Freedom by Sifiso Ntuli

Sifiso was born in Kwa Zulu Natal and an anti-apartheid struggle member of the ANC. He went into exile in Swaziland, Tanzania and Canada. He made the radio documentary, ‘Umzabalazo, the songs of struggle,’ which was later transferred to ‘Amandla: A revolution in four part harmony.’

You-ology by Zaida Harneker

Zaida is a development worker and journeyed with Zim Ngqawana spiritually to give the space to realise himself through music. Asa she says, "We are always spiritual partners on this journey. We belong to each other. We are not alone. We belong to the universe. We belong to all of sound and we belong to all of colour."


The FINAL ASSESMENT for this course is for the student to create a video feedback outlining your inspiration, innovation, learning and unique realization. Successful completion earns you a certificate and best feedback videos will be rewarded with a free set of The Story of South African Jazz Book series (Volumes 1 & 2).