Contributions to Business Day Newspaper

From 2017 - current multiple articles on South African music, arts, culture the creative economy, South African arts governance and best practice, and Pan African thought leaders, written by Struan Douglas are contribued to the excellent Business Day Newspaper in South Africa in the arts, lifestyle, news and opinion sections.


Contributions to Sawubona in-flight magazines

From 1999 - current, the length and breadth of this magnificent African continent and in particular the thrilling cultural and tourism activities and events of Southern Africa have been written up and documented by Struan Douglas for publication in South Africa's most important travel magazine, South African Airways's Sawubona Inflight Magazine.


Contributions to Independent Newspapers

From 1999 - current, the emergence of the Cape Town cultural and creative scene, the documenting of Pan African thought leaders and the growth of the Pan african cultural sector were covered in a number of articles written by Struan Douglas across some of the Independent Newspapers fantastic titles including Cape Times, Sunday Independent and African Independent.


Ad Hoc Magazine contributions

From beginning as a columnist for Big Issue Magazine in 1999, Struan Douglas has covered the cultural, natural and musical rennaisance in Africa for magazines all around the world such as Destinations and Downbeat in the USA, Pacific in Australia, New Africa Magazine, Songlines and Travel Africa in the UK, Skylife and Mini International in the rest of Europe and a number of high quality corporate magazines in South Africa.

Cape Town: Mother City

The combination of mountains, beaches and seas has made Cape Town a Natural Wonder of the World. The natural beauty of Cape Town together with its’ sophisticated city lifestyle offers something for everyone.

Durban eThekwini

This coastline, stretching from Mozambique in the North to the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, provides endless joy and entertainment for surfers, bathers, bodysurfers, beach walkers, sun lovers and fisherman alike.

Johannesburg eGoli

The best way to experience a city is by walking it. In the fast paced, diverse and contemporary city od Johannesburg, taken to the streets on walking tours offers unexpected and out of this world experiences.

Maputo Mozambique

Maputo is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. The weather and beauty of the tropical coastline together with the safety and lifestyle of the city always make for a pleasurable encounter.

Dakar et Bamako

A train line lies between two of West Africa's greatest capitals, the filthy, fast, fickle and fantastical capital of Senegal, Dakar and the dusty, proud and stately capital of Mali, Bamako. It is a journey in excess of 1500 miles and 50 hours.

Tangier: Beat City

As a writer fascinated by the beats, Tangier was a destination full of possibility and fascination. While literature, poetry and cinema remain as strong as the rock of Gibraltar, the city is changing fast.

Afrikaburn : Radical Self Expression

The Burning Man philosophy of action was founded in America in 1986 with an annual event in the Nevada desert which now attracts 70 000 people. AfrikaBurn was formed in 2007 as a non-profit company to co-ordinate the South African event.

Greenpop Planting Festival : Livingstone

“We are so connected to trees, everything that we do in some way shape or form has an element of wood or oxygen or material value that has come out of trees. It is important that we feel gratitude toward nature for consistently giving us this gift of trees.”

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