iSibaya saPhakade - Kraal to Eternity

iSibaya saPhakade - Kraal to Eternity

Sandile Ngid's poems , translated into English by Vusi Mchunu - iSibaya saPhakade - Kraal to Eternity poems, are a constant reminder to all of us about the significance of keeping alive African knowledge, value-based leadership systems, against the onslaught of modernisation in South Africa. The poems remind us, to appreciate the significant contributions and role played by our ancestors by our forefathers in the struggle for our liberation. Lest we forget who we are, where we come from. And how we should address the present and future cultural, and socio-economic Challenges faced by our Black community, since the democratic dispensation. of 1994.

As noted during the time of the Philosophy of Black Consciousness, of the 1970s in the country, "Poetry and various forms of writing, were overflowing with invocations of Black pride. literature was abound on the subject of Negritude or ancestry of Black people, which serve d to restore lost and injured human pride",(Wallace Mgoqi:2011) Patriotism is inherent and reiterated in these poems. They reflect love and respect for the people's inherent worth. Not the staged and hyped up type, that one would get especially around elections. The young minds have to resort to their foremother's wisdom and value-based leadership, for interventions towards nation-building. Ngidi's poetry is a testament and oath of allegiance to Freedom. to the living and the idea of Africa!

Ngidi’s poetry is a testament and oath of allegiance to Freedom, to the living and the dead of Africa. Dr. Mthobeli Guma

"This is my testament and my oath to the living and the dead. O Creator, shower us with the long-awaited rain. We, Children of Africa sing a prayer to the ancestors. Answer us, embrace us, sprinkle a perfume of blessings, of cherished warmth." Sandile Ngidi


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