Heritage is a mystery

As founder of House of Memory Vusi Mchunu has set out to network with historians, heritage platforms, provide holistic heritage and culture content, cater for a student, a researcher, an educator, a traveller, a media producer.

He has set out to collect, preserve, collaborate with the heritage makers, package and expose SADEC arts, culture, heritage. UNESCO has declared 2019, ‘The International Year of Indigenous Languages’, for the conservation of world heritage. We are pro- indigenous knowledge systems. Customs, values, stories, songs, poetry, crafts, identity are transmitted through language.

He has set out to empower communities by way of online sharing of knowledge, exposure, promoting collaboration and connecting investors to heritage projects.

Ndebele ZA

He is the creator of Ndebele ZA - an online archive of our collaborative project with the House of the Cultures of the World in May 1991: research, photography, mural painting, exhibition of beadwork, stories, master muralist: Francina Ndimande.

Ndebele ZA is an online archive of our collaborative project with the Royal University of Limburg, Maastricht, Holland in August 1991; directed by top Dutch architect, Jo Coenen : research, photography, architecture, permanent mural paintings of the new college zaal.

Ndebele ZA is an online archive of the work of Ndebele activist and academic, PhD candidate, North West University, Ms. Monicca Thulisile Bhuda; research, visits to Ndebele women arts, culture, heritage projects, youth initiatives, photography, presentations.

Ndebele ZA is an online network platform for community heritage initiatives by the Ndebele, exhibitions, books, songs, costumes, rites of passage events, eRholwewi Festival

Lime and Lemon Tree Health

Lime & Lemon Tree offer tested and safe herbal, organic and alternative remedies and maintenance products for the health for the entire family. Our herbal companion is selected from the best of the indigenous healing methods; African, Asian, Native American, Indigenous cultures; promotes preventive health habits to the young and the old; promotes Positivity, Prayer, Mediation.

Offers cures for Women cycles, pregnancy and birth. Girl and boy puberty illnesses. Mood swings. Male potency. Prostate cancer. Breast and cervical cancer. Partners’ sexuality. Menopause and mid-life. Stress and depression.

Our remedies are prepared, mixed and packaged in herbal juice satchets and come with ingredients, clear instructions of use and dosage for taking the remedy.

Product List

Curing Cancer

Herb juice to reduce and remove cancer tumour; post- radiation and chemo-therapy to heal the lesions, scars and tissue wounds, boost immune system.

Warm sachet of anti-cancer herbal juice in hot water, pour into cup and drink after breakfast in the morning, and after supper in the evening. Take daily for 2 months to start seeing the changes.

Lotus Leaf - He ye

Chest congestion, pressure on head, continuous thirst, dark wee and problem with urination, stomach aches, diarrhoea, insomnia, premature ejaculation 

Farmers tobacco - Dong kui zi

Cures difficulty in urination, urethritis, swelling, insufficient lactation, painful breasts.

Goat Weed - Yin Yang Huo

Lowers blood pressure, cures absent-mindedness, impotence, premature ejaculation,, cold hands and feet, rheumatism, spasms and numbness. Hair growth - Han liao cao

Extract applied to scalp re-grows hair, cures blurry vision, dizziness, headache, premature graying of hair, removes blood in sputum in urine and bile.

Eucommia - Du zhong

Cures dizziness, headaches, weakness and fatigue, impotence, frequent urination, lowers blood pressure, prevents miscarriage

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