Script Development: Music Career

Now, to succeed in a music career we need to develop a holistic approach and know-how for every aspect of the industry. The Know-how that sits between knowledge, skills, training and qualification should be adopted to build more functioning creative business in the fragmented and contradictory, yet exciting and fertile place called the music industry.

Johnny Dyani: Jazz Against Apartheid

One of the great proponents of South African Jazz is the late Johnny “Mbizo” Dyani. This bass player, composer and original member of the Blue Notes died in exile in Germany. He was performing at the inaugural “Jazz Against Apartheid” event, an initiative he had founded when he called to the audience, “Think” and then collapsed on stage.

Gauteng Jazz Greats

Johannesburg sits at the crossroads for Africa, the African Diaspora, the Muslim north, India and China. The energy, the cosmopolitan life, the multi-cultural melting pot of people, the thriving commercial hub and creative scene of the city is a powerful point of departure for the music creators. There are many more stories to be told about the unique styles and sounds of this unique location.