The Story of SA Jazz presents a number of archives of recorded SA Jazz and overviews of the development of SA Jazz. ILAM (International Library of African Music) where it is made permanently available to education, SABC archives of jazz recordings and IBH archive are all strong foundations. SA Jazz has Many different people and many different flavours: Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz; South African Jazz; Spirits of Tembisa and Healing Destinations. It is all eternal and infinite. The music is embraced by European countries, America and all sections of Southern Africa.

From Langa in Cape Town to Umkhumbane, Port Elizabeth and Sophiatown , it was a big mix up, and there was a spirit that bonded everyone together, a spirit of self actualisation. And where there was black urban culture, there was jazz. SA jazz was learnt through mentorship because education ranks alongside self knowledge as tools to bring change. The improvisational quality of the music is grasped from the spiritual knowledge of the power of the present moment. Music whispers to us truths that lead us to beauty ... For the fruits to be tender and sweet, the roots must be watered with love and joy.


To fill the gap in quality Free South African Music and Heritage Education for South African music sylolabus Gardes 10 -12.
To allow digital innovation to improve accessibility.
Itilisation of tasks and audio-visuals to enhance learning through published video tutorials and textbooks.
Mbizo Ya Makhono features 23 learning modules for many different aspects of South African music.
It is envisaged as a long term platform and inspiration for S.A approaches to making music and living heritage.

Filling the dire need for Quality Free Education

Focusses on capacity building relevant to strong professional and career advancement for a world class South African music industry of the future. Attunement brings a focus on song-writing, African jazz and blues styles, Rhythm Workshops, Spirituality and Freedom in music . A sharing of the very tools of capacity building in music, self-expression and sustainable practice with a focus on personal development, jazz, poetry, soul, spiritualty, studio work and festival direction. Learning modules broadening the approach to music genres and catering from afro-pop to traditional music, maskandi and reggae. Afrika Year teachings emphasize practicing humility, respecting the audience, taking your business seriously and appreciating indigenous music.

As a sustainable solution in music education for authentic career growth for musicians and quality free resources for students and educators alike, Music Free Learning is a mutually beneficial platform for all involved. As business, government, corporations, and compassionate individuals there is opportunity to assist providing Music Free-Learning coursework to the South African students who need it in schools, community centres, community arts projects, and interest groups. Together we can make a powerful impact to ensure every artistic child receives education, mentorship and incubation.

How to get involved

Register for workshops, apply for mentorship, join the database, access the coursework, volunteer on the programme and/or join this movement to holistic long-term South African music cultural development for the sustainable growth of our future creatives, leaders and empowered humanity.