Books Published

Writing is the most therepeutic of the arts, and a force for truth, beauty and self-expression. Afribeat is a publishing imprint to help the African voice to be heard ... in a presentation of a healing, empowering, awakening and educative approach to the written and published word.

Cultural Journalism

Music, Film, Literature and Art on the African continent are at the forefront of a creative economy built on wisdom, experience, expression and transformation. With 20 years ongoing experience of cultural journalism across the continent - this is an archive - among many.

Music Free Learning

Music is the mother of all arts. Music is a vibration like light and colour, but in a different spectrum, the musical spectrum. There are no restrictions nor limitations in music. It exists in its infinity and eternity from the most simple structures to the most complex. Music is the veritable fiord into the quantum of potential.

Sausage Film Company

Bringing a cosmic potential for Africa. The sausage is as scarlet as the crescent moon, on a horizon of the yellow sun in the dawn. The blue planet Earth of ocean, and the green of protected flaura and fauna. Sausage Films produces audio visual works for better accessibility of South African Jazz and freedom culture to a include wider young and old audiences across gender, age, and colour.

Music Recording and Release

Presenting the authentic sound of African music in a heart-centered holistic approach and know-how for every aspect of the industry. The profound creativity that exists alongside know-how should be adopted to build more functioning creative business in the fragmented and contradictory, yet exciting and fertile place called the music industry.

Help Sustain the afribeat goals launched April 1st 2000 is a free platform for African Jazz, uBuntu, Music education and self-publshing for the sustainable projection of self-expression through creativity and for social empowerment, education, content creation, cultural agitation and arts exchange.