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ESTABLISHED 01.04.2000 as a network of authentic African musicians, griots and sonic warriors and healers. A sharing of the spirit, soul and sunny side of Southern African music. An inter-generational, international Pan African initiative for festivity, entertainment and the creative economy.

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Brought to you by Struan Douglas, writer and musician, Social Science Honours in Philosophy and Religion and RSM music theory and practice.

Research and Development

Do you have a story that needs to be told? We specialise in Pan African Music and freelance consciousness. With experience in all aspects of publishing, culture and heritage, this is a portal where freedom and beauty collide through music.


Independent publishing services to make a significant impact on the book-making industry. From conception to completion our publishing process can help set any and all creativity free thropugh professional digitisation and physical release of creativite expression through EDITING, FORMATTING, PRINTING, LAUNCH and POINT OF SALE.

Music Agency

A platform for South Africa's greatest performers and composers of Cape Town, Durban, Maputo and Johannesburg to share their eternal rainbows of musical joy with a global audience. This arts agency links supply and demand for authentic musical content through innovative curation and online administratiion.


Archive Africa is a licencing portal to access the audio visual jewels of Africa's culture and heritage. In hidden and dusty archives we have found timeless contributions of artists, heritage and practitioners that only few can imagine. The discovery is always so rich and priceless. The wealth of Africa is in the knowledge.

Audio Visual Education

An innovative and interactive approach to heritage and music education project empowering teachers, scholars, students and young professionals with authentic and empowering content.

Digital Management

Our services allow for publishing, marketing, media and management portals for african creatives : including but not limited to musicians, self published authors and Pan African Music initiatives.

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