Multi-media content creation. From written articles and design to book publishing, education content and innovative and sustainable solutions in the arts sector. Afribeat offers an authentic and sustainable media, and content growth path in the arts sector via the ever-improving internet and online technologies.

Established in 2000 by author Struan Douglas, afribeat is a Digital foundation for a Pan African content portal, cultural and heritage content creation collaborative. Our services are for a growth network for the South African music industry and publishing centre for authors, promoting and preserving cultural heritage and expressive life.


Copywriting, proofing and editting of writing. Transcriptions of interviews and presentations. Web design and book publishing. A one stop professional set-up to have your creative voice heard, appreciated and sustained.


Independent publishing services to make a significant impact on the book-making industry. From conception to completion our publishing process can help set any and all creativity free through professional digitisation and physical release of creativity. All services offered from editing to formating printing and distribution.

Music Performance Platform

A platform for South Africa's greatest performers and composers of Cape Town, Durban, Maputo and Johannesburg to share their eternal rainbows of musical joy with a global audience. This arts agency links supply and demand for authentic musical content through innovative curation and online administratiion.


A partnership for audio-visual services

Providing services in music and heritage through film, literature and digital innovative. Focussed on education and holistic teaching and career path stimuli.


quality free education for music.

Season One Assimilation an 8 part video tutorial course. Season Two Attunement was another 8 part video tutorial course. Take these courses experience much value and expose your talents through music education. Prizes and certificates possible.

Archive Africa

Preservation & Presentation

History and Heritage Portal. "The Now way back then." "The good times where now is all there was." Through the preservatio of music is the preservation of our culture.

Pan African Publishing Portal

Authors, Poets publishing centre is a bona-fide publishing imprint having published over a dozen books for a variety of authors Struan Douglas, Jim Bailey, Vusi Mchunu,adam Knight, Graham Lesch ...

Film Funding Co-operative

Telling Pan African Stories

Many wonderful stories to tell. Many talented artists, practitioners and producers joining through the practice of uBuntu to produce collaborative works of education, musical, history and heritage value.

Story of South African Jazz

Home of South African Jazz stories

Story of South African Jazz Volume One (2015) & Story of South African Jazz Volume Two (2019) ... a three part series to document the real story of South African Jazz.