is dedicated to Pan African creativity and the unleashing of creative experience. With twenty years active experience online we have well established services to assist, authors, musicians, educators, resource libraries and institutions to preserve, present, promote, publish and position pioneering Pan african cultural content.

Develop a Professional Manuscript

Do you have a story that needs to be told? We specialise in Pan African content creation and delivery. With experience in all aspects of publishing, culture and heritage, the first step to sharing your story is the manuscript - editted, proofed, refereed and ready to design.

Design Format Layout

Our independent publishing book-design and layout services provide a professional product in all three major sales formats - pdf, epub and kindle and have assisted dozens of authors to preserve and present their authentic copyrights in an empowering and sustainable way.

Marketing and Distribution

Through the design of an interactive web portal the author shares an access point to all major online book sales outlets for digital and supply on demand purchase. The web-portal acts as a marketing tool for physical stores, libraries and community centres and a reference point for social media and interest groups engagement.

Music Agency

This music agency is a South African jazz and freedom co-operative linking supply and demand for authentic musical content through a one stop online administrative portal for bookings, licences and releases. A holistic vision of the music industry from live and digital performance, to marketing and database and music rights and legacy has long-term sustainability.


Our Story of South African Jazz is built on a foundation of resources, lived experiences, oral history and the wisdom of sharing. Under the title of Archive Africa we offer a repository for everything Jazz & Freedom. Meticulous meta-data and the loving restoration of the audio visual jewels of Africa's culture and heritage preserve a rich and priceless legacy of musical and cultural knowledge.

Audio Visual Education

Taking the success of Story of South African Jazz to a wider audience we have developed an innovative and interactive approach to heritage and music education. The Music: Free-learning project empowering teachers, scholars, students and young professionals with authentic and empowering audio-visual teaching resources.

Multi-media Features and Sausage Films service the Pan african content creation industry