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Pan African content portal, cultural agitation, arts exchange, knowledge network and publishing centre.
Now in association with Sausage Film Company. ESTABLISHED 01.04.2000 as a network of authentic African musicians, griots and sonic warriors and healers. A sharing of the spirit, soul and sunny side of Southern African music. An inter-generational, international Pan African initiative for festivity, entertainment and the creative economy. Sausage Film Company formed in 2020, draws on the IZAZI ZAKITHI philosophy of Professor Herbert Vilakazi to present an authentic knowledge, philosophy, vision and world view of the African existance

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Connect is active in Cape Town, Durban, Maputo and Johannesburg with strong links on the continent and around the world. Together with ?Sausage Film Company our offices are based in Observatory Johannesburg : contact studio @

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Vusi Mchunu

Vusi Mchunu

Heritage Practitioner
Struan Douglas

Struan Douglas

Music Writer

About the Sausage Films directors

Vusi Mchunu

Vusi Macingwane Mchunu is an author, historian, poet and cultural activist. He brings a mentorship approach to African indigenous knowledge systems, through creativity. He has helped transform many cultural heritage spaces around the country and is a jazz afficionado. Vusi holds a Master of Arts degree from the Free University of Berlin. He has been Executive Chairman of House of Memory(2007-2014). This heritage consultancy provided professional solutions to clients in the heritage, museums, exhibitions, public programming and tourism experiences sector for Africa and the world. Vusi has been Chief Director Heritage for the Department of Military Veterans. His books are Stronger Souls, Pipe Dreams and Pleiades-Isilimela. He is a cancer survivor. His M.A. thesis from the Free University of Berlin, Germany ,was: The Harlem Renaissance (1920 - 1935) in New York and the Sophiatown Renaissance in Johannesburg (1944 1966) and the permanent exhibition, ‘Glimpses of South African Music’, at the Downtown Music Hub in Johannesburg.

Struan Douglas

Struan Douglas is a South African based African cultural writer, performer, presenter, activist and educator. He has Honours in Philosophy and Religion from the Social Sciences Department University of Cape town, 1999. He studied music at University of KwaZulu natal, Howard College, and has RSM5 in theory and trumpet performance Ukusa UKZN (2012). His website was launched in 2000 and remains a positive content portal for promoting unique African stories and realities through creativity.

Script Writing90%
Self Publishing90%
Music Education90%
Live Music interventions90%
Heritage Productions90%
Multi-media Productions90%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Programme Impact?

    Music: Free-learning fulfills many of the key objectives including live performance, education, indigenous knowledge systems, database and archives, audio-visual mentorship and workshops. Each of the proposed 7 Seasons produces 8 diverse and distinctive episodes. Outstanding musical and heritage practitioners present live to a live audience in a performance segment of 40 minutes and an interview segment of 40 minutes. These 8 episodes are scripted, performed, presented, filmed and edited into audio visual learning material. Each Episode includes an accessible 8 minute VOD (Video on Demand), a combination of documentary, live performance and interview together with detailed course-work (a pre-task and post-task) worksheets that can be downloaded printed or distributed electronically. The full product is packaged in an A4 soft cover book a distributed freely on to create a seamless experience of knowledge sharing.

  • Music: Free-learning provides access to quality free IEB and CAP curriculum based learning material to Schools and teachers, Community Centres, and Community Arts Projects. Through this online resource Music: Free-learning is able to meet the multiple needs of accessibility for students through internet, web- site and email, social media and cellphone data. Music: Free-learning provides capacity building not only for teachers and students but also a growth path for musicians through the production of a multi-media music package including live recording, podcast, workshop and educational interviews to boost every career.

  • Music Free-learning creates a growth path for all involved, from the musicians and band members to crew and the benefactors, the youth.
    1. Opportunity for musicians to archive their works through education
    2. Occupational education for scholars and students
    3. Free Quality syllabus based education for indigenous cultural knowledge systems
    4. Audio-visual video on demand packages for students worldwide
    5. Building a database of music schools for music education
    6. Outreach through distribution of material to community arts projects and schools

    The youth received a particular boost with the an attendance award for the workshops and a completion award for the course-work. One young attendee through the prize recorded his first podcast for the program “change minds to change lives.”

  • The Music: Free-learning target market is an online curriculum delivery for grades 10-12 IEB and CAP, a bridging course for university students and young entrepreneurs.

    This audience is reached through the live workshops and the invitations to our existing databases and then distribution via newsletter, cellphone groups and online media.

  • Sausage Film Company (SFC) was formed in 2020 by heritage practitioner Vusi Macingwane Mchunu and South African Jazz author Struan Douglas with the purpose of empowering South African music and heritage with long-term solutions in sustainability and education. Mchunu is a virtuoso author, historian and poet. He has created multiple museum projects and written many books. His unmatched experience adds an important mentorship aspect to our production. Douglas is a South African based author, performer, presenter, journalist and educator. He is a trumpet player and founder of the Pan African content portal (founded 2000). His experience in digital growth, communication and production is a great value.